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Reef Light Interactive is a full-service digital agency that offers our clients exceptional design and marketing solutions. The web is our passion, and we approach each client work as if it were our own.

“So, what’s with the name?” everyone constantly asks. The Reef Light refers to lighthouses placed on top of reefs far offshore. They not only survive but thrive in the midst of turbulent waves and murky circumstances, shining despite all odds. Probably idealistic. Perhaps corny. However, we believe it is an apt metaphor for the service we can offer our clients: that even when the fog of competition is thick, it is possible to actually shine through.

However, the web isn’t our sole passion. There is no better place for us to run our firm than our hometown of Austin, Texas. Beyond the gleaming memorials and historic buildings, the city’s communities have a dynamic heartbeat from which we draw our vitality. It’s a combination of lobbyists and artists, residents and politicians, and it provides us the knowledge to work with everyone from tiny enterprises to worldwide governments.

We recognize that our field is highly competitive and may be a little oversaturated, yet business continues to grow at an exceptional rate. Why? We’re not sure, but we have some ideas based on what we take extremely seriously. We have awards to hang our hat on, just like thousands of other agencies. Awards and recognitions do not differentiate agencies as much as one may believe. All of our current and prospective clients are aware that we will provide an excellent product, but it is more than that. It is the relationship that is formed with each client and/or prospective client that is important. It’s not just asking them how they loved the latest design competition, but also how their weekend was, in order to get to know them on a more personal level. It is truly learning and understanding our clients so that we can produce amazing results while having a great time along the way.


The way you showcase your company—whether on your website, brochures, logo, or even typeface—speaks volumes to your customers. Potential buyers can and do draw conclusions about the quality and worth of your product or service based on its appearance and feel. People recognize your brand because of its design.

Form and function are combined in high-quality graphic design: Is the form designed in a visually pleasing manner? Is the structure understandable and practical?

Reef Light Interactive has a team of expert Texas designers ready to give your company and brand a fresh new look.

We are online and mobile professionals. It’s our bread and butter, and we’re dedicated to creating the greatest design for you.

And our design consulting services don’t end at producing visually appealing layouts; we’ll explain the reasoning behind our work so you grasp our creative strategy.

Some people have a natural talent for design, while others do not. Reef Light’s expert graphic design solutions can take your business to the next level, whether you’re colorblind or Pablo Picasso.

Web Design

You’ve come to the best Texas web design firm for the job, whether you want to revamp an existing website or build something entirely new.

Reef Light Interactive is well-known both locally and internationally for our eye-catching designs. And, among Austin web design firms, we’re a pioneer in implementing best practices in information design, usability, and accessibility across browsers, users, and media. This ensures that your new website is current and user-friendly.

Web Design Austin

Reef Light is a professional web design business that focuses on you and your target audience.


When we begin a website project, we take the time to research your site’s users and construct a design that speaks to them through the color palette and layout. After laying the groundwork for user analysis, we’ll go over site architecture processes to construct an easily navigable and user-friendly website structure.

Whether you have or require a content management system (CMS), an eCommerce shopping cart, WordPress, or AJAX, our skilled web designers and coders will guarantee that form and function work in tandem as we create the front end of your website.

Austin graphic design

Our site design clients are always welcome to inspect, edit, and approve our work. Reef Light will not proceed to the next level of the design process without your permission, ensuring that we are listening to your concerns and developing the best solution possible.

It’s all part of the process, so get in touch with Reef Light Interactive for your Austin, TX web design needs.

Web Development

Most people envision billions of little 1s and 0s repeating indefinitely when they think of web development and coding. In other words, for many individuals, coding is a hazy, unrelatable concept.

Austin Web Development

What they don’t comprehend is that code is the driving force behind everything interactive in their life. People are surrounded by seamless, silent, active code from the minute their digital alarm clock wakes them up, or they turn the key in their computerized ignition, or they ask Alexa a question, or type a keyword in Google.

  • Content Management System
  • iPhone Development
  • iPad Development
  • Android Development

People don’t understand how these systems function; they just do. And that’s fine. The same approach holds true for web development. You require a solution that will ensure that you are constructing a robust foundation of underlying code. This indicates that your website or product is functional, scalable, and runs smoothly.

Reef Light is a good option if you’re seeking for an interactive development firm. We’ll handle the 1s and 0s for you.

Finally, the product will simply work the way you want it to and the way your customers want it to.

Reef Light is a web development company in Texas with years of experience coding websites, content management systems, applications, and more. It’s not as complicated as you might imagine; give us a call today!

Our Team

In our industry, “larger isn’t always better.” We are a small agency by choice, yet we can provide major agency services and expertise. We don’t have the overhead that larger agencies do, and our team members have been working together for 5, 10, 15 years or more. We have a lot of fun together, and that shows in our work and in our client relationships.