The Importance of Hiring An Austin Search Engine Marketing Agency

Could there be anything more different than marketing 20 years ago and that of today? And if you really want to set yourself backward, image what the average marketing executive today knows of the Internet versus that average 10-year-old. Obviously, neither of these are very happy comparisons. That’s why when it’s time to add Internet marketing to your media mix it’s far better to hire an agency that specializes in search engine marketing instead of one that does marketing on the Internet tacked onto their services.

It’s a sad fact of life that despite the Internet being on the scene for more than 20 years now, there are still marketing agencies that haven’t learned how to harness its full potential as a promotional tool. Ironically, many of these agencies are still trying to solve new marketing challenges with old-fashioned tools.

Internet Marketing is as Economical as Ever

Most traditional marketing agencies are not well versed when it comes to Internet marketing. Further, when they do get a client who wants to use Internet marketing, they source out their online projects to agencies that specialize in this type of work. Not only does this not make sense from an expertise standpoint, but it also ends up costing clients more since in addition to the marketing agency’s input on a project, they also charge a markup on the work done with the Internet marketing agency. Further, working as the liaison between the Internet firm and the client, the traditional marketing firm often only confuses things when their knowledge of the Internet comes up short.

Another benefit of working directly with an Internet marketing agency is that the client, by way of the agency, is able to keep his finger on the pulse of the newest trends in technology and the techniques for maximizing their use.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Regardless of a client’s Internet marketing goals, working with a professional agency that specializes in this field can help them streamline their efforts and achieve results that are not only better but faster too. This is because there is more to building traffic to a website than creating an attractive design. Successfully using the Internet in marketing, a product or service also means doing the research necessary to reach the right demographic who will not only visit a website but buy the products and/or register for the services being offered there.

Accompanying all of this is a multidimensional effort, with specialists in optimization of the search engine, landing pages, content, and even mobile reach. Unfortunately, it is a rare in-house agency or even traditional agency that has the staff to adequately cover the skills needed. The most effective option, as a result, is to turn to professionals who have the skills needed and can provide a client with the services they require.


Many people mistakenly believe that the key to building website traffic is to create an attractive design with lots of bells and whistles. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The real key is Search Engine Optimization or what is euphemistically known as SEO. SEO is all about being listed prominently by the major search engines (i.e., Google, Yahoo, etc.) when a user searches for a product or service. When this is combined with a robust linking campaign a successful website is created.

Achieving optimal SEO results often takes time, not to mention a degree of trial and error. There is also an important need for SEO to be customized in order to serve the needs of the clients. This all means a considerable amount of work, work that is best not left to amateurs.

Besides the basic SEO services offered by a firm knowledgeable in the use of the Internet for marketing purposes, an expert firm can also provide its clients with highly detailed reports as well as a reputation management service. These functions not only allow a reliable look into the traffic that visits a website but provides the keys to attracting greater numbers of visitors.

Defining Success

Search engine marketing agencies bring to the table such a wide variety of high specialized skills that can make virtually anyone stand out on the Internet. As practically anyone who has watched the growth of the Internet grow knows, those who use its capabilities as a marketing tool understand that with it they are not just competing with others in their niche. Instead, they are competing with virtually everyone else who is on the Internet. This makes the effective use of the Internet a much more complicated endeavor than most people think. The silver lining to all this is the massive amounts of exposure that are made possible with the Internet. The key to this, however, is the expertise of the right people who can put you at the top.

How to Choose the Right Austin Social Media Consultant for Your Business

With the strong emergence of social media in the internet marketing world, every Tom, Dick and Harry has come out saying they are social media experts. They are feeding on the desires of entrepreneurs who do not have time to dedicate to developing their social media presence effectively.

If you don’t ask the right questions you may wind up spending thousands of dollars and get no results. That’s why I created this guide to help you choose the best social media consultant for your company.

5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire Your Next Social Media Consultant

1. When engaging in social media marketing will you keep my targeted audience in mind?

Most social media companies will focus on making the connection. They do not care whatsoever who that connection is.  What good is having thousands of connections if they do not become prospects, new clients, referral sources or possible JV partners.

When I help my Facebook clients, I focus on their target audience. I research each individual potential connection to see if they could be a future prospect, referral source or joint venture opportunity.  I focus on the quality of the connection, not the quantity because my clients do not care how many people I connect with them. They care more about how much money they are making from LinkedIn and their social media efforts.

2. Do you create a system to take the online conversation offline?

Many consultants do not take the most crucial step of any online social media connection — They fail to take the online conversation offline. If you think you are going to sell high-end products and services just by having a social media presence, then I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.

You need to have a system in place that consistently gets your website and information in front of your prospects. You need to engage with them on many levels. And, you need to find ways that you can get them to take the next step in your relationship – and have a phone conversation with you.

3. How engaged are you in social media conversations?

Anyone can post content to groups – a five year old can even do that if you show them how. If your social media consultant does not understand direct response copywriting techniques that encourages conversation, then it’s time to move on.

If your social media consultant does not regularly monitor the conversations that’s happening online every day, then move on. The person you choose to handle your social media needs to know how to assess the conversations and find ways you can contribute. I spend time every day, scanning the LinkedIn Q & A boards and the different groups that my clients belong to. I look for opportunities that my clients can add value. I look for ways to spark healthy debates. That’s what effective social media marketing is all about.

4. When focusing on social media profiles do you focus strictly on keyword optimization and being found first for you niche?

If you go to LinkedIn and do a search on internet marketing, you will see the number one person has only 145 connections and the number 2 person has 154 connections.  Now internet marketing is a popular key phrase. In fact, the search gets 487,100 results for that phrase.

So imagine how many people check out their profiles. One has to wonder why they get so few connections.  It is because the person who handles their profile forgot, if you want to create a connection, you need to have prospect focused copy within the profile. You cannot just have it stuffed with keywords.  Your profile has to show me why I want to connect or do business with you.

5. How can you ensure that my social media messaging stays consistent with my branding?

One of my clients started to create content that dealt with how to work effectively with your website team.  How does that relate to a brand that is heavily focused on increasing website conversions?

Most companies would have distributed his article on their social networks without any concern. But I pushed backed and told him that this did not match his brand and this should not be sent out.  I asked him point blank, how does this relate to website conversions and how will this persuade legal firms, management consulting firms and corporation (his target audience) to want to connect with him?  You need someone who will keep your brand in check and work to reinforce it through social media.

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Importance of Email Marketing for your Austin Business

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Importance of Marketing to Your Austin Business

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