Web Design Process

Domain Name Registration & Hosting

Find and register your web address with the registrar of your choosing, either you can do this or we can as well. After registering your domain we will help you determine what hosting will best suit your needs.

Research & Design Planning

The beginning of your website starts here; we will plan the navigation or, the pages and flow, for the site. To assist you with this we will send you a guide and questionnaire and follow up with a meeting.

Prototypes & Content Collection

Based on your needs and preferences, we design three prototypes of a single page of your website. You start collecting the needed content, provided to us either digitally or we may have a consultation and collect the content.

Sample Page Selection & Adjustment

Once the desired design is selected, we will adjust it to your requirements and make it perfect. We will go over all the submitted content. At this stage, we require the second payment of 25% to proceed to design & development.

Desktop Version Development

We will design the shell for the desktop version of your website, then we start to incorporate the provided content into the pages. This is also where we go over what you will need for monthly maintenance on the website.

Tablet & Phone Versions Development

At this stage we will go over the benefits of mobile versions of your website. If you would like a phone and tablet version of your website, we will design and develop it at this stage, also a third payment of 25% is required to proceed.

Site Proofing & Publishing

At last you will see your site in its entirety, you will look over the website to make sure that you are 150% satisfied. If not we will go back and make final adjustments, once the site is published to the web, the process is complete.

Maintenance & Optimization

We can register your site with search engines and we can also optimize your website so that you’re highly ranked in those search engines. You should update your website at least once a month to keep the content fresh.

Today we have the luxury of being able to access the internet from anywhere in the world and hundreds of devices. Desktop computers and laptops are no longer the only source to access the internet. We have a variety of smart phones, iPads and tablets, all at our fingertips. However, with all these different devices there comes a complication, the need for compatible sites that can fit any device.

These sites are developed through something we call, responsive website design, which simply means that the site responds to the devices screen size. Once the size is determined, the site responds accordingly to better enhance the users’ experience for navigability and readability. The process uses a series of grids, layouts, image optimization and CSS media queries, so that no matter how much technology improves and changes in the future, responsive websites will always be able to give you the best experience.

Boost Sales With Discounts

With powerful sales tools such as discount codes, gift vouchers and referral tracking, you can help your online store boost profits and deliver better bottom-line results.

Easy Order Management

Every order is linked to a unique customer record in your CRM database, allowing you to keep a history of customer orders and offer customer loyalty for repeat purchasers.

Easy Billing & Shipping

We automatically integrate a global range of payment gateways and shipping providers, making your online store setup a turn-key experience that is fast and simple.

eCommerce Websites

Ad Design Marketing always exceeds expectations, that is why we do not just build websites, we help build businesses. We’ll help you with everything you need to start a successful online store and grow your business to new heights. We’ll take care of all the technical stuff, providing you with the best CMS for the job, so you can focus on setting up the rest of your business and getting ready to market and sell your products online. Sell your products or services online, complete with inventory management, product attributes, plus size and weight for shipping. You can also upload eProducts and charge for downloads, limit download allocation and more.